Marta Sofia Bento Pires Fernandes

PhD in Design (Faculty of Architecture UL, 2018) and Master in Multimedia Art (FBAUP, 2008).
Adjunct Professor at the Superior School of Media Arts and Design, Polytechnic of Oporto, where she teaches in the area of Communication Design.
Pursues research in her field of specialty – Visual Archives and the development of Information Visualisation on online newspapers. Also the building of visual digital archives to address information and knowledge preservation. Has lectured and/or taught workshops and seminars at ESMAD; UMinho, in the master degree in Product Design; at the University of the Arts London Camberwell. She has participated in national and international conferences, such as the DESIGNA, at UBI, and 2CO: Communicating Complexity, and has published scientific papers on these specialty subjects.


International journals
  • Giesteira, B., Mesquita, J., Fernandes, M., & Silva, A. (2017). Framework 4 Relief Pictograms. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, 1-11. Part of ISSN: 2324-7576, Doi: 10.18848/2324-7576
International conferences
  • Fernandes, M. (2018). Maps Through Time and Redesign. 5th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts. Book 5.3, Vol.18, pp. 337-342. Viena: SGEM. Isbn: 978-619-7408-66-9, Doi:10.5593/sgemsocial2018/5.3/S21.043
  • Fernandes, M., Giesteira, B. (2017). Visual Digital Archives: The fielf of Information Visualization in Digital Archives. 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts. Vol. 1, pp. 381-388. Viena: SGEM2017 Conference Proceedings. Isbn:978-619-7105-96-4, Doi:10.5593/SGEMSOCIAL2017/HB51/S17.046
  • Fernandes, M., Giesteira, B. (2017). Visual Archives in Digital Newspapers: An Aproach to visual lexicon in an Information Visualization Prototype. Designa – 2016 Erro(r), proceedings (pp. 109-118). Covilhã: UBI. Isbn:978-989-564-359-4
  • Fernandes, M., Giesteira, B., Quintas, A. A. (2014). Visual Archives: New Infographic Interfaces. Designa – 2013 Interface, proceedings (pp. 131-141). Covilhã: UBI
  • Fernandes, M., Giesteira, B., Quintas, A. A. (2013). Visual Archives and Infographics: new Connections. 2CO Communicating Complexity (pp. 86-97). Roma: Edizione Nuova Cultura. Isbn:9788868121662, Doi: 10/4458/1662
  • Fernandes, Marta; Coelho, Rita (2018). ‘Trajetos de Envolvimento: O design na concretização de espaços académicos e a sua ligação à malha local’. In DESIGNA 2018 – Conferência Internacional de Investigação em Design (p.51). UBI

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Coelho, Rita (2014). Membro de organização da conferência Involve: 1ª Conferência em Design de Identidade e Embalagem. Vila do Conde: ESEIG P.Porto
Other relevant cultural production
  • Coelho, Rita; Fernandes, Marta; et al (2018) Rotas e apetências culturais do público ESMAD: estratégias de comunicação Involve. Coordenação do projeto de investigação em design