Rita Maldonado Branco

Rita Maldonado Branco is a communication designer and a design researcher. Currently, she works as a researcher and is an integrated member of the Research Institute for Design Media and Culture (ID+) at University of Aveiro, on the research group Health+Design Lab, within the 2020 Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEEC Individual – 3rd edition; 2020.04083.CEECIND), funded by FCT, under the title "Communication and engagement with people with dementia through design”. She is an external volunteer collaborator of Dementia Lab/Inter-Actions Research Unit, at LUCA School of Arts, Belgium, where she worked previously as a researcher in 2020-21, in particular on the EU project Interreg North-West Europe Certification-D, and on a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network application. In the last years, Rita was also a lecturer and tutor at University of Minho in the Product and Service Design master’s programme (2018-2021), and in Product Design undergraduate programme (2018-2020), and at the Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra, in the Communication and Multimedia Design undergraduate programme (2019).

Rita holds a degree in Design (2008) from the University of Aveiro and graduated with distinction in the MA Communication Design (2012) from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London, with a project that explored communication design contributions to dementia. This research was taken forward through her PhD in Design (2018), at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto in partnership with the University of Aveiro and ID+.

Rita’s research focuses on how communication design can support the maintenance of social relationships and communication between people with dementia and their families, and their involvement as participants in co-design processes. Her research is published in several peer-reviewed articles in international conferences and journals, such as the Participatory Design Conference, the Codesign journal and more recently, a chapter on the book HCI and Design in Context of Dementia, edited by Rens Brankaert and Gail Kenning.

Rita also worked as a communication designer in Porto at Providência Design studio, and in London, at the Design Against Crime Research Centre and Minus9Design studio. Her professional design practice revolved mainly around editorial, information design and science communication.

Current positions

  • Researcher Universidade de Aveiro

PhD Details

Research Groups


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Book chapters
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International journals
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National journals
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International conferences
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Other publications
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Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Other relevant cultural production
  • Branco, R. A., Branco, R., Branco, C., Branco, H. & Branco, V. (Curadoria) (2020) “100 anos de Vasco Branco: variações quase sentimentais sobre uma cidade (exposição de pintura e cerâmica). Museu da Cidade. Aveiro. Setembro,Outubro 2020
  • Branco, V., Branco, R. & Branco, C. (2020). 100 anos de Vasco Branco – website sobre a vida e obra