Cinema and other audiovisual productions in contemporary narratives

This research project sets out to analyse contemporary narratives on cinema and other audiovisual narratives, particularly those which are brought about by digital platforms, produced and transmitted by people whose training and practice aren’t necessarily connected to the field of cinema, audiovisual or communication. It’s important to understand how one constructs the learning process towards the production of narratives, what kinds of content that creates, and how relationships are established with its audience. In this process, some markers are prioritized: directors without systemic field training, the engagement of women, the relationship between available technologies and the formal aspects of those narratives. The undertaking of this project, foreseen for the period between 2021 and 2026, shall seek to map out information in Latin America, Portugal and Spain. To further that goal, it shall rely on the international collaboration of researchers, basing itself on the connections already established through partnerships, such as the International Research Network in Education, Art and Humanities (REdArtH), the Red de Estudios de la Cultura Visual Abya Yala and the research groups and higher education institutions that have joined these networks.

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