Dat is Design

An Interdisciplinary Educative Platform and a Network of Competences

The project aims to offer an interdisciplinary benchmark to students and teachers in design education through the development of:
a new handbook, a unique systematic anthology of source or key texts on design reflection in the 20th century, shared by all design courses, often for the first time in a Dutch translation, chronologically ordered and with introductions relevant to the course units involved, with an extensive device thematic commentary texts and an integrated register.
a Toledo platform in which cross-curricular learning lines and learning objects are used. These are tested in an implementation project by a focus group of students, lecturers and teachers at different levels of the association.

The project is the start of an integrated design education by developing a strong competence network across the relevant courses, monitored by active consultation forums that can give rise to further and interdisciplinary education consultations.


Start/end date Jan 2009 — Sep 2012

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Project code OOF 2009/27

Co-Lead researcher
Fátima Pombo