Participatory audiovisual ethnographies

This research project seeks to catalogue practices that are undertaken by researchers in Latin America and Europe; to identify the state of the art around these practices, the situations and contexts in which they are undertaken and within the domain of several interdisciplinary research areas (anthropology, art, communication, education and administration); to research the socio-historical context, the underlying reasoning and the theoretical debate that exists around these practices, and to create the conditions for interaction and participatory debate; to question the epistemological, ethical, aesthetic and political dimensions of participatory methodologies and audiovisual, multimedia, hypermedia and transmedia productions; to undertake empirical and action research across the different participant groups within the project on specific themes within anthropology, communication, education, art and visual culture; to connect research results with the training of post-graduate students, disseminate good practices undertaken by researchers and by students involved in the project.

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