Ana Miriam Rebelo

Ana Miriam Rebelo (Porto, 1980). Graduated in Fine Arts by the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux (2005). Master  in  Contemporary  Artistic  Creation,  by  the  University  of  Aveiro (2019). Currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Design, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the  University  of  Porto, she holds  a  scholarship by Fundação  para  a  Ciência  e Tecnologia for the development  of the  research  project "Visual  and  semantic identities  of  the  city  of  Porto:  an  ascertainment  of  the  contributions  of  informal dwelling", hosted by the Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture (ID+) and by the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU). Her research interests concern experiences, perceptions and representations of urban space and their manifestations as visual culture.

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