Lígia Maria Pinto Lopes

Lígia Lopes is a Portuguese designer and design activist. An industrial design graduate with a PhD in Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, she is currently invited professor at the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro and at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

For the past few years, she has worked on participatory design approaches that place value on processes and people by actively involving less visible or marginalised groups. Her activist stance in design is expressed through a conscious choice of process and attention to the product cycle, to ensure that it is more human and transparent. Her personal project, CANHOTA, responds to the need for projects rooted in and sustained by design ethics that are committed to developing products, services and strategies through Conscious Design.

Detalhes relativos ao doutoramento

  • Title Design(Ing) para a Inclusão em Escolas Básicas de 1º Ciclo
  • Year 2016

Grupos de Investigação

Produção científica, artística e cultural

Projetos/ttrabalhos vencedores em concursos nacionais
  • 1º Prémio Cartaz Dia internacional das Pessoas com Deficiência
Convites para concursos internacionais
  • Costa, R. et al (2020). Co-Autorship of projects within class context. Invitation for entering “Glassberries”, BA Design Contest 2020.