Valentina Vezzani

She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Art & Design, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Madeira, since October 2014.
She was Programme Leader of Design BA between February 2017 and March 2019.

Since her experience as postdoc at the School of Design of
University of Leeds (UK) in 2013, she is involved in different national and international research activities and projects concerning design education, service design, collaborative processes, design for social sustainability and social innovation. In particular, her expertise is in facilitating creative and collaborative design-led processes, bringing together different age, cultural and disciplinary groups.

She is co-founder of PACO Design Collaborative, a Design-oriented network of holistic professionals (Milan based) where she contributes as service designer to educational projects, to foster social innovation, sustainable behaviours and new business opportunities.

Since 2013 she is coordinator of several local and global design
jams aiming to disseminate the design thinking culture among
public sector and urban communities, to instruct non-designers to
methods and tools own of strategic and service design.

Situação actual

  • Professor Auxiliar Universidade da Madeira
  • CoFounder Paco Design Collaborative

Detalhes relativos ao doutoramento

  • Title Colour Design Edu.System. For a systematic and creative approach to an interdisciplinary colour education in design
  • Field Design
  • Year 2012

Grupos de Investigação


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Capítulos de livros
  • Vezzani, V. (2012). Color Education: Systematicity and Creativity. In M. Rossi (Ed.), Descriptive Geometry and Digital Representation: Memory and Innovation. Design Application. The Color (pp. 231-238). NewYork-Milan: McGraw-Hill.
International journals
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Outras publicações
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