Building links between education, research and innovation on the foundation of our shared cultural heritage

CRAFT will take its point of departure in the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), where the slogan is: Our heritage: where the past meets the future. CRAFT will take on these objectives and further contribute to them by working on this theme during the project period by linking higher educational and cultural institutions, companies and other cultural actors from Europe together in a joint multidisciplinary approach on research based education; stimulating, creating and promoting innovation built on shared cultural heritage. The result will contribute to the social and educational value of European cultural heritage. CRAFT will work to strengthen the links between innovation, research and education – the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’- within the context of higher education by designing, developing, implementing and testing the effectiveness of a new developed Joint Multidisciplinary Curriculum – the de facto product of the CRAFT project. CRAFT aims to teach new generations of young people by implementing the new Joint Multidisciplinary Curriculum, providing them with the relevant and high quality skills and competencies needed to meet the expectations of the changing labour market. It is therefore an important feature of CRAFT that the project involves both theory and practice, bringing together both educational and cultural institutions, and cultural actors from across Europe.

Six partners have come together with support from the EU Erasmus+ Programme. Leading the project is Aalborg University from Denmark, with partners Hans Thyge & Co from Denmark, Universidad de Oviedo from Spain, Universidade de Aveiro from PortugalAssociazione Marchigiana attivita’ Teatrali – AMAT  from Italyand Universe V Ljubljani from Slovenia.

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