Strategy for Change

Strategy for Change is a European Project started in 2015 and made up of seven partners: Glasgow Caledonian University; GCU Students Association (UK); Dublin City University; Office of Student Life DCU (Ireland); Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands); University of Aveiro (Portugal); and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (Sweden).

The S4C Project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. The Project aims to establish a formalised transnational training programme to prepare students for carrying out effective social innovation projects in the local community.

The project is implemented by the following consortium: Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), Dublin City University (DCU), University of Aveiro, Eindhoven University of Technology, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT and the Students Associations at GCU and DCU. Umeå School of Architecture partners up in the project, with a pool of students that are part of the educational activities and support the evaluation and the development of training material.

In this sense the project directly addresses the EU’s priorities:

- By 2020, 40 % of 30-34 year olds in the EU should have completed tertiary or equivalent education Studies have shown that students engaged in community action projects are more likely to complete their tertiary education.

- Directly involve employers and labour market institutions in the design and delivery of programmes The project allows for the direct engagement between the student and their community, underlining the universities’ role as an instigator of change.

- Exploit the transformational benefits of ICTs and other new technologies – integrated within the training as part of the development of students’ transversal skills

- Students completing a study or training period abroad to 20 % by 2020 – Introduction of virtual and physical mobility will contribute to increasing numbers of mobility, with a particular focus on widening access students who might otherwise find it difficult to enroll on other mobility programmes

- Enhance close, effective links between education, research and business The project will directly engage with social enterprises and other community groups which will.

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Notas sobre o financiamento

Total Funding: € 448 407

Montante de financiamento € 71 098

Duração 36 meses

Código do projeto Erasmus+, Key Action 2 2015-1-UK01-KA203-013801