Ao Norte-Cinema and Digital Narratives


Cinema and Digital Narratives is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the study of cinema and digital narratives. It is anchored in the AO NORTE film society (the Association for Audiovisual Production and Animation) and coordinates its activities with IPCA (the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave), namely following the ID+ R&D unit’s objectives through the promotion of research, knowledge dissemination, audiovisual production, community engagement and the advancement of projects in the field of visual, audiovisual and digital cultures.


  • To promote studies on documentary, new documentary and digital narratives
  • To integrate audiovisual and digital production in research projects
  • To contribute towards a deeper relationship between the AO NORTE film society, teaching institutions and R&D units
  • To take charge over the Viana International Film Conference in the Viana Film Meetings, and the Off Screen Summer Course in the MDOC Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, as well as other events that promote science, the arts, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and project development
  • To undertake, support and promote studies, from national and international researchers, about the AO NORTE activities
  • To organize regular and unique publications through a variety of means To engage in international research networks for the promotion and study of cinema and digital narratives.
  • To create a network of national and international collaborators privileging portuguese and spanish speaking countries: ibero-american networks and others wherein AO NORTE may provide a creative contribution.
  • To welcome researchers seeking to undergo studies in the field of cinema and digital narratives with AO NORTE, IPCA and ID+


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