Cinema and Digital Narratives


Cinema and Digital Narratives is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the study of cinema and digital narratives. It is anchored in the AO NORTE film society (the Association for Audiovisual Production and Animation) and coordinates its activities with IPCA (the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave), namely following the ID+ R&D unit’s objectives through the promotion of research, knowledge dissemination, audiovisual production, community engagement and the advancement of projects in the field of visual, audiovisual and digital cultures.

Main Achievements


Concerns the organization of a set of ongoing, periodic events, namely the annual Viana International Film Conference in the Viana Film Meetings, and, within the MDOC International Documentary Film Festival, the Offscreen Summer Course and the KinoMeeting; as well as other events of a scientific or artistic nature, for the public understanding of research, community building and project workshops.


Regular publishing of papers and an annual journal, as well as research and collecting of photographic, audiovisual and digital data within the scope of ethnographic and social research projects, within a glocal logic, that expands the regional scope towards communities of external collaborators and diasporic networks. It assures the maintenance and development of the LUGAR DO REAL portal, a platform for the promotion of audiovisual and cultural works, as well as of domestic and historic photography through the FOTOMEMÓRIA section.

  • Creation and production of research, gathering, collecting, digitizing and archiving activities with photographic and audio-visual registries of a domestic nature or of historical and cultural significance. Maintenance of the online digital archive Lugar do Real ( Realization of activities such as exhibits, public events for discussion and spread of knowledge, Spoken Photographs and other works such as catalogues and books.


  • To research documentary, new documentary and digital narritives in their aesthetic, ethical, episthemological and political dimentions, aswell as the specificities of long-range ethnography, participatory ethnographies, creative research and research-in-action.
  • To engage in research projects through visual, audiovisual and auditory languages, in an interdisciplinar, intercultural, transmediatic way, focusing the glocal by connecting a regional approach with diasporic communities and the exchange with international cooperation networks as well as international research groups and higher education institutions.
  • Production and curatorship of visual, auditory and audiovisual objects in the context of festivals, shows and exhibits.