The Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture [ID+] is a multidisciplinary research structure anchored in three institutions: University of Aveiro (Department of Communication and Art) [UA /DeCA], University of Porto (School of Fine Arts) [FBAUP] and, since 2017, the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (School of Design) [IPCA / ESD]. ID+ was created at 2007 and started its funded operation in January 2009, after external review (the visit of the international panel occurred in February 2008) who assigned the rating of ‘Very Good’.

ID+ works towards the inscription and legitimisation of design and associated disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. It develops this mission primarily in the Northern region of Portugal and other peripheral environments, as well as national and international cooperation networks.

ID+ operates contextually by producing, transferring, reverting and communicating the scientific and professional knowledge of design, media and culture into environments where it may be of benefit.

ID+ focuses on both heritage and contemporaneity: contributing to a longevity of design legacies, and interpreting the rapid challenges of the discipline in today’s World. These contributions are strategic, taxonomical, technical, cognitive, structural and pedagogical.

ID+ is currently organised in eight working groups, covering specific outlooks while maintaining a capacity for reconfiguration and cooperation according to the various projects and challenges at stake:
CAOS: interfaces with local industries
DESIS Lab: networks for social Innovation and sustainability
LUME: unexpected media developments and employments
MADE.PT: critical design for growth and prosperity
PRAXIS & POIESIS: art practice and theory
SD Lab: strategy and design management
THEME: theory and memory
Besides the above groups, PERIPHERIES is a group under creation at the University of Madeira, focusing on Nature, Culture, Tourism and Ocean-related content. This group will specialise in furthering the dynamics of regional agendas and resources.

The regional scale of ID+ is ensured through its consortium structure: ID+ is currently hosted in a formal cooperation agreement between the Universities of Aveiro, Porto and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave. The convergence of the respective institutional competences ensures a degree of hybridity and critical mass that furthers an expanded research territory.

The team currently comprises 189 members, of which 71 are integrated PhDs. Besides the aforementioned host Universities and Polytechnic, member provenance includes ten further national higher education and research institutions. Member status also includes experienced professional, doctoral students and collaborators.