The following sample of outputs of past years is presented below, according to a map of specific fronts covered by the mission of ID+:

1) Design for Health, Ageing and Inclusion
This area has fostered a multitude of projects including:
Portable device kits for rapid blood testing in emergency contexts. National patent no 107064, national model/drawing no 3310 (within the broader framework of research project by Ana Ferraz).
Celia Celiaca – Gluten Free LifeStyle. 2nd award at the 8th edition of Poli Entrepreneurship Innovation Network. currently a Start-up at IPCA.ID+

2) Design History and Culture; Museography
Interpretation Centre for Portuguese Design (CIDES.PT), PTDC/CPC-DES/4754/2012
The project aims to consolidate approaches to history, museology and museography of Design, focusing on the Portuguese context as a case study and potential template. The focus is on communication artefacts, equipment and environment, presently dispersed about the country and at risk of disappearing into oblivion – addressing their potential for symbolic value enhancement.
This project has branched into further employments such as:
Arquivos Vivos, Imperial e Regina.
Museography and graphic communication of permanent exhibitions at Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, Lisbon.

3) Design and Media Literacy
Citizen Labs: an extensive series of reciprocal knowledge transfer workshops between researchers and civic sectors. Hosted by the UTAustin/Portugal program in Digital Media.
The Art on Chairs biennale for regional furniture industry, in association with the Municipality of Paredes.
Anti-Amnesia, in association with crafts association Herança do Passado, typography shop Damasceno, tile association Azulejos do Porto, and shoe factory Netos.
Wisdom Transfer, fostering a network of knowledge transfer by retired Art and Design professors, professionals and researchers.

4) Higher Education
Doctoral Program in Design: a joint course of the Universities of Aveiro and Porto formalised in 2010, has pioneered Doctoral Design research in Portugal, having so far graduated 28 students, with a scientific output of 72 papers and chapters in 2016/17. The Doctoral Program in Design has developed intrinsic ties with UPTEC and UATEC, knowledge and technology transfer units of the respective universities, fostering a culture of applied research and a map of soft skills as a long-term endeavour. The course has also been responsible for the setting of UD, an international, annual, peer-reviewed conference exclusively dedicated to doctoral design research (from 2012 onwards).

5) Patents / Prototypes / Products
Some of the prototypes / products that have been developed (55), have resulted in the registration of trademarks or patents (8). Among these we highlight:
– “Free O” innovative solution for the quality of life of ostomized patients (2016);
– Materials for Intervention in Speech Therapy at the University of Aveiro: Language in the Child (2014);
– Device for opening carton packs (2014),

6) International context
Internationalization has been a key priority, as it embodies the necessary bridge between local capacitation and a broader sphere of reciprocal application and consultancy. As such, ID+ has been developing various fronts of international development that span the whole scope of intervention. We hereby present the fronts already in operation, as well as the prioritised prospective fronts. We will further pursue the potential and scope in both existing and prospective partnerships.

Project Fading Legacy of the Macanese: Towards Collective Visual Identity (2016)
Cortebel 50: Brand archaeology, collaborative development, footwear prototypes (since 2014)

Network participation
UTAustin-Portugal consortium for advanced research in Digital Media, Advanced Computing, Mathematics, Emerging Technologies
DESIS, Network of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
Cumulus, International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media
Desire, Network of Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology
ICDHS, International Committee for Design History and Design Studies
EAD, European Academy of Design
Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance projects and other European Commission funded projects (total of 8).

Board memberships
Executive Board, the European Academy of Design
Board of Directors, Digital Media, UTAustin-Portugal
DESIS International Coordination Committee
Board Member ICDHS, International Committee for Design History and Design Studies
Board Member International Conference of AICV – Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Infant and Primary Education
Advisory Board, digital communities, Ars Electronica
European Fashion Heritage Network
Research and Academic Exchange (Current priority with Lusophone networks)
Erasmus networks (MA + Staff Exchange)
Fulbright scholars Humboldt Innovation, Berlin

Conference Chairing Organization by ID+
FuturePlaces (2008 – present)
UD12 to UD18, International PhD in Design Conference. Organized by PhD in Design students, members of ID+
Stories of Art and Science (2009)
Constructions Deviations Visualizations (2010)
CONFIA – International Conference on Illustration and Animation [IPCA] (2012 – present) | confia.ipca.pt
DIGICOM – international conference on Digital Design and Communication [IPCA] (2017 – present) | digicom.ipca.pt
DESIRE Network (2010)
European Academy of Design [EAD] (2001, 2011)
Images We Read (2013)
XCoaX (2013, 2014)
#ART – International Meeting Art and Technology (2012 – present) | Art.medialab.ufg.br
Spring Cumulus International conference “what’s on: cultural diversity, social engagement and shifting education (2014)
International Committee of Design History and Design Studies [ICDHS] (2012 – present)
International Conference of Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Infant and Primary Education [AICVEIP] (2012 – present) | Congresoarteilustracion.org
AVANCA | CINEMA, International Conference – Art, Cinema, Technology, Communication (2010 – present) | avanca.com
Congress Ergotrip Design: Design, Ergonomics & Human-Computer Interaction, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brasil (parceiro) (2014 – present)
ICLI 2014. INTER-FACE: 2nd International Conference on Live Interfaces. 19th to 23rd November, Lisbon (partner)
EAW – International Conference Electroacoustic Winds (2015, 2017)
Participation in various Scientific Committees for International Conferences, 2008-present.

Editorial Boards
 / Advisory Boards
The Design Journal
The Poster
Crime Media Culture
THRAD – The Radical Designist
EME: Experimental Illustration & Design
LAV – Laboratory Visual Arts
Cadernos de Estudos Avançados em Design
AJHC – African Journal of History and Culture
AGITPROP – Revista Brasileira de Design
RChD: Creación y Pensamiento
Educação Gráfica
Designing in Dark Times
INFODESIGN – Brazilian Journal of Information Design
Estudos Em Design
Revista Digital de Cultura Visual Contemporânea Arte Capital
Convergences: Research and Teaching of Arts


Others (including preliminary contacts, prospective partnerships, one-off collaborations, etc)
MediaLab Prado
Brighton University, as leader of consortium bid recently approved by the UK AHRC
International Pharmaceutical Federation
Phillips, Eindhoven
Senseable City Lab, MIT
BID, Madrid
South By South West Interactive
South By South West Education

7) Knowledge transfer and actions of special relevance for society
ID+ pursued its  strategy of mediation of local needs, narratives and heritage, in order to rescue and enhance the intrinsic and potential value that is present in these contexts. This value is foremost symbolic, but offers ample opportunities for commercial and replicable exploitation: from the aggregation of audiovisual documentation to brand recognition (both internal and projected outwards), from the reconfiguration of ancestral procedures in light of new technology to the replicability of specific practices of artisanship. Various examples of work developed within ID+ already attest to the validity of these approaches. A sample may include:

PORTO 2.0 – Changing City, project Manobras no Porto. Two-Cycle series of over 100 events of creative urban ethnography.

DOCUMENTAR O MANOBRAS (Documenting Manobras). In partnership with Porto City Council: Porto Lazer. Project collected and organised information, documentation, artefacts, processes and transformations stemming from the project Manobras no Porto.

POSTSTOP – COMUNIDADE DE MÚSICOS DO CENTRO COMERCIAL STOP. Musicians community of STOP shopping centre, ongoing ethnography of the musicians community of STOP shopping centre.

RUAS DE CULTURA (Streets of Culture) – In partnership with Montemor-o-Velho City Council. Survey, analysis and diagnosis of the region and county; identification of international best practices, strategic brand analysis and development of a brand for the city and the creation of scenarios for the management, coordination of the space ‘work and live’ and the business incubator.

ART ON CHAIRS (partnership with Paredes City Council) –
Project dedicated to promoting design among local furniture industries and local citizens. ID+ team was responsible for curating the following initiatives:
– International Design Competition (449 participation from 37 countries)
– More Design, More Industry (9 young designers residencies, tutored by seniors)
– Stories of Chairs (participatory online archive of historical footage and contemporary narratives and events pertaining to the furniture industry)
– Talks (series on the relationship between Design, Management and Industry)
– the design of most catalogues and exhibitions that took place in Paredes (2012).
In the 2nd edition (2014/2015) the ID+ team was responsible for curating the following initiatives:
– “Desfrutar o Tejo” competition (by invitation) for urban furniture design,
– International Design Competition
– More Design, More Industry (young designers residencies, tutored by seniors.
The last two initiatives resulted in the exhibition “The experience of being by Paredes” curated and designed by ID+ members, presented in Beijing (Beijing Design Week 2014) and Paredes (2015). The winning projects of the competition “Enjoying the Tejo” were also prototyped by furniture companies from Paredes and exhibited in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon.

UPTECX+ design consultancy with business incubator by doctoral researchers.

PORTO4AGEING – excellence consortium on active and healthy ageing.

Participation in two applications for UNESCO creative cities – Braga and Barcelos.

Collaboration with Radio Manobras (http://radiomanobras.pt/).

The participation on NERRI-Neuro Enhancement Responsible Research & Innovation project that included the following exhibitions (2014-2017):
– FACTT-Festival Art & Science-Lisbon-NY-Mexico
– FACTORS 3.0-Brazil
– Int. Exhib. EmMeio 8.0-Brazil
– SULSAL-Belgium
– Art Science and Technology-Zagreb
– Computer Art for All-Brazil

Other relevant exhibitions (2013-2017):
– Design3; Ilhavo: memory and identity; Maritime Museum Ilhavo; Museum St Joana;
– Porto Pelo Porto: the image of the city emerges from the city; consortium ID+ / A Transformadora / FuturePlaces;

8) National / International Awards
Communication project for the awareness of selective collection and domestic composting in Cávado, 2017
Design of the brand for the Ass. for Competitiveness of Paredes 2016
Int. Prize of Worldwide Academic Competition-Foundation “Future Ideas” Amsterdam.Research-Biomimicry as a concept for the development of a vessel for the Ria de Aveiro-2014
European Commission RegioStars Award-project Art on Chairs, City Hall Paredes.