Research Groups


ID+ Groups are thematic fronts that cover key strategic areas of expertise. Each group welcomes researchers from the various ID+ Universities and Polytechnics, thus aggregating scalable critical mass. Often, groups self-organise in smaller units (“labs”), for the purposes of project development and/or further specialisation. Collaboration between groups and/or labs is welcome whenever there are demands or opportunities for complementary expertise.

Furthermore, the current groups of ID+ reflect and incorporate the mission of several of the Clusters defined by the R&I future priorities 2025-2027 within the Framework of the European Green Deal. This specific incorporation of the Cluster missions is evidenced in each group’s individual strategic outlook. The further specification of the groups’ vocations derives directly from ID+ researchers’ areas of expertise and specialisation.

Groups thus contribute to ID+ vision by unpacking it into tangible projects. In parallel, all ID+ members are invited to engage with an exploratory front, translated into regular think-tanks where changes in the discipline and emerging key areas are discussed. Out of these exploratory exercises, the vision of the Center and its structure may evolve in order to adapt to new challenges and priorities, especially considering the rapid pace of change in present times. Under particular consideration at ID+ at the moment are the roles Design research may ensure in crisis scenarios, as well as the exponential rise of Artificial Intelligence.