Contact person: Paulo Silva

This group aligns with Clusters 2 and 6 of the EU’s R&I future priorities 2025-2027, particularly in the respective items Inclusive Society and Natural Resources. Crossing these strategic priorities with ID+ researchers’ areas of specialisation, the group focuses on co-creation for social inclusion of vulnerable and peripheral communities, design beyond centralised decision-making, eco-tourism, life cycles and environmental impact.

The Group currently fosters the following strategic fronts:
- the Identity-Community-Intervention Lab, promoting solidary design practices, contextual design outcomes, and community-led change;
- the Peripheries hub, enquiring into the local culture of Madeira, developing nature-centric design solutions, contributing to sustainable tourism, and connecting communities;
 - The Strategic Design Lab, promoting inclusion of all stakeholders in the design process, promoting good practice throughout, and building a sensitivity to the environmental consequences caused by the life cycle of each product or service.