Echoing the Communal Self (ECHO)

Designing the dissemination and replication of self-initiated practices in underprivileged urban communities in a post-pandemic world

This project aims to identify, document, interpret and disseminate current self-regulated community practices in social housing neighborhoods in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia (VNG), Portugal. We argue that COVID-19 pandemic regulations have had a significant impact on the nature and viability of these practices: as a consequence of social distancing, long periods of lockdown and a radical emptying of public space, prior models of creative communal practice need re-assessing and re-invention.
In turn, the proposal to document and disseminate these practices aims to strengthen mechanisms of empathy and social solidarity among the population. The findings will be made available for future replication, scaling and adaptation in further national and international contexts.


Start/end date Jan 2022 — Jul 2023

Research groups

Funding institutions

Funding amount: € 49.848,75

Duration 18 months

Project code EXPL/ART-DAQ/0037/2021