Atlantic Wonder

Routes of of Nature and Design on Madeira Island

Atlantic Wonder is a line of research that a group of Designers, from the research group Peripheries is carrying in Madeira Island. The island’s rich biodiversity and varied natural ecosystems make it the perfect living lab to experiment with and shape a Nature Centred Design approach.

It started in 2018 with an international summer school, where the tools and dialogues between scientist and designers where explored. This year we are presenting a second edition, in order to have more data and field research to apply for funds.

This project focus is on tools and methods that are used in the natural sciences. The aim of this research is to explore ways to apply these in order to learn about the complex interconnections within natural mechanisms and systems.The first step in shifting from a human-centred to nature centred design approach is to understand nature’s rhythms and needs. Through direct experiences and activities in nature, the participants will reflect upon the relationship between the natural sciences and design. By bridging these two worlds we aim to foster insights that can inform the public about natural cycles, routes and rhythms. Participants will interact with experts from a range of disciplines in the natural sciences and design, developing an interdisciplinary approach towards sustainable development.