Manuel Gilberto Freitas Santos

Concluded Habilitation title (DSc) in Industrial Engineering, in April 2019, at New University of Lisbon.

He received his PhD degree of Mechanical Engineering (1999) from the University of Minho. He holds, also, a Post-graduation in Quality Engineering (1990) by the New University of Lisbon.

He is currently a professor at Design School of Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA), Barcelos, Portugal. He created and was Director of the Master Course on Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Environment and Safety) at the School of Technology of the same institute.

He is author of several scientific articles in national and international journals. His research interests are in the field of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering where it is included Product Development, Quality, Environment, Safety, Social Responsibility and Innovation, as well as, the integration of management systems, aiming at the Sustainability of Organizations.


Current positions

  • Professor Adjunto IPCA

PhD Details

  • Year 1999

Research Groups


Book chapters
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International journals
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International conferences
  • Maia, P., Felix, M. J. Santos, G., Dias, N. & Stilwell, G. (2019). Biological metaphors to construct a narrative in product design. Proceedings of M2D 2019 – Mechanical and Materials in Design. 8th International Conference, Bolonha, Itália.