Contact person: Helena Barbosa

This group aligns with Cluster 2 of the EU’s R&I future priorities 2025-2027, particularly in the items Culture and Creativity. Crossing these strategic priorities with ID+ researchers’ areas of specialisation, the group focuses specifically on creative practices as assets for cultural development, the valuation and dissemination of Design Heritage, and local legacies of Graphic Design.
The group currently fosters the following strategic fronts:
- a Typographic Research Network (focus on innovative research and education in Typography and Graphic Arts in Portugal and Lusophone countries), with the mission of fostering graphic and typographic literacy, reveal and preserve unwritten, situated historical knowledge on typography and graphic arts, and fostering innovation through traditional graphic and typographic practice;
- the Praxis and Poiesis Interdisciplinary Lab (focus on the production, reflection and dissemination of artistice creative practices in its multiple material forms), with the mission of promoting experimental inter/transdisciplinary research, contributing to innovation in the arts and education legitimising  practice-based creative knowledge, and fostering critical discussion and knowledge dissemination in the arts field;
- the Theory and Memory Lab (focus on the study of intangible culture and under-represented heritage), with the mission of unpacking discreet instances of material and immaterial culture (particularly in the History of Portuguese Design), recovering the memory of institutions, businesses, industries and academies, and integrating the preservation and representation of cultural heritage in design education.