Alexandra de Jesus Costa Beleza Moreira

Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra; postgraduate course in Communication Law, by the same faculty. Master’s Degree in Human Ecology and Contemporary Social Problems, by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, presenting a dissertation in the area of ​​Visual Ecology. PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts, by the Catholic University of Porto, with the thesis titled “Photographic Image, Strangeness and Possibility”, and was supported by a grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology. She began a postdoctoral research on the epistemic dimension of the technological image in scientific practice at the Philosophy Center of Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, in conjunction with the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the University of Porto.

Current positions

  • Professor Auxiliar Convidado UA

PhD Details

  • Title Photographic Image, Oddness and Possibility
  • Field Science and Technology of the Arts
  • Year 2015

Research Groups


Book chapters
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2013). “Photography (as a Veridical Representation) and Meaning”, Life-net Designing, Kolár, Martin (Ed.). Usti: Fac. Design, Universidade Jana Evangelist Purkyne.
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2015). “O Museu e os seus Objetos de Conhecimento”, in MUX, Possibilidades, Branco, Vasco et al (Ed.). Aveiro: Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro. Aveiro. UA Editora.
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2018). ”The Correspondence Principle”, in Barbosa, Helena, THEME Theory and Memory: Adding, Interpreting & Weaving Layers. Aveiro, UA Editora, Universidade do Porto, IPCA – Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave, ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura.

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Technical work
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2014). Reviewer of “The International Journal of the Image”, editado pela COMMON GROUND PUBLISHING, University of Illinois
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2019). Reviewer of PAD Journal #16” Pages on Art & Design. AIAP Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione vVsiva, Milão.
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018). Mais Imaginarius International Festival. Jury Member. Santa Maria da Feira
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2019). (Re) Musealization Museu Álvaro Viana de Lemos. Museographic narratives; coordination and project management. Lousã
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2019). (Re) Musealization Project Museu Etnográfico Louzã Henriques (Lousã). Production of the contents for the museographic narratives; coordination and project management. Lousã
Scientific events organization
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2014). Colóquio “O Efeito de Veracidade da Imagem Fotográfica”. Porto Cultura, Edifício Axa, Câmara Municipal do Porto.
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2015) -#14 ART, Conferência internacional sobre Arte e Tecnologia. Member of the Organization Committee. Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro
  • Beleza Moreira, Alexandra (2019) – IV Encontro Ibérico de Estética. Member of the Organization Committee. Faculdade de Letras Universidade de Coimbra, October 2019.