8 APR 2024 Kick off CULTURALITY (Horizon Europe Programme. Research and Innovation on Cultural Heritage), University of Oviedo

April 8 will mark the kick-off week (April 8-12) of the CULTURALITY project (Horizon Europe Programme. Research and Innovation on Cultural Heritage) at the University of Oviedo. One of the components of this kick off will be an exhibition with the participation of 8 countries, where Portugal will be represented by artefacts designed by designer Helena Cardoso and produced by the women of Bucos from Casa da Lã. This content is part of Maria Bruno Néo's PhD research, under the guidance of Professor Luís Mendonça and Professor Susana Barreto, with ID+ as the host institution.

Portuguese coordinator: Fátima Pombo
UA researchers: Gonçalo Gomes, Violeta Clemente, Bárbara Gabriel

More information https://idmais.org/project/culturality-cultural-heritage-in-rural-remote-areas-for-creative-tourism-and-sustainability/