WORLD BOOK DAY | Exhibition ’23 Artist’s Editions’ Curated by Antero Ferreira

WORLD BOOK DAY | Exhibition '23 Artist's Editions'
Curated by Antero Ferreira
Opens Tuesday 23rd April 2024, 6pm
On display until 9 May 2024 (Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 20:00)
Location: FBAUP Library

World Book and Copyright Day (23 April) is marked with the presentation of 23 publications from the Antero Ferreira Collection (CAF). The exhibition 23 Artist's Editions is part of the annual activity of the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. The meeting of the number of books with the commemorative date becomes the pretext to show the diversity that exists in the universe of this graphic object: twenty-three publications are gathered, ranging from self-publishing to artist's books, prototype books and photobooks, from 14 countries. Representing various sections of the curator's private library, within the scope of his speciality, the exhibits are also a selection of publications that represent the diversity and hybridity of this publishing theme.
In addition to their intrinsic artistic and scientific value, these publications - now displayed in two antique showcases specifically designed to hold volumes with restricted access - reflect the confluence of knowledge and passions. In fact, some of them come from the collections of other collectors, having arrived at Antero Ferreira over the last three decades.

The following publications are part of the exhibition:

J. Bravo (PT, 2011); H. Callahan (D, 2007); L. Cutileiro (PT, 1998); A. v. Dommelen, A. Pool, F. Blokland, H. Schipper, P. Blokland (NL, 2013); A. Ferreira (PT, 1989); A. Frutiger (CH, 1966); D. Hockney, S. Spender (UK, 1991); K. Horn, M. Siim, O. Kawacinska, Š. Bímová (PT, 2014); M. Hosokuro (UK, 2016); F. A. Janssen (NL, 1994); L. Jurt, M. Hagelberg, S. Scriver (CH, 2008); K. Kazemi (NL, 1991); K. Komagata (JP/FR, 2008); C. Menezes (PT, 2016); B. Munari (USA, 1967); C. Peres, R. S. Gomes (PT, 2011); A. Portela, C. Silva, J. Garcia; R. Gomes (PT, 2009); P. Serpa (PT, 2019); C. Salgueiro (PT, 2013); A. Silva (1980/90, PT); R. Tortosa (ES, 2011); R. Vanderlans (USA, 1987); J. Widmer, K. Komagata (FR, 2015)

Admission is free.

Support: FBAUP / ID+ / NIT

The CAF (Bonfim, Porto), made up of books, objects, prototypes and instruments of graphic design and typography, collected over time, can be visited at a later date by prior appointment via email: