Afonso Nuno Ramalho de Pinho Borges

Graduated in Communication Design (FBAUP) Master in Industrial Design (FEUP) and Ph.D. in Design (UA).
 Collaborator at UBI since 2002, he is Vice-President of the Department of Communication and Arts, Director of the 2nd cycle in Industrial Design, Vice-Director of the 1st cycle, member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Arts and Letters. Collaborates since 2018 with the Master in Industrial and Product Design at FBAUP and, between 2009 and 2015, with ESAD.

Integrated member of the LabCom research unit and collaborator of ID+, he is a project researcher in the design of objects of daily use, memory and meaning, and member of funded Design Obs. and Emades (C-Mast).

With a professional practice of product and identity design in the Borges-Rato studio (2000-2002), in the One-Off non-profit project (since 2014), or in support of the partnerships established at UBI, he developed or collaborated in the development of projects for national and international partners such as Alliance Healthcare, Área Metropolitana do Porto, Clã, Grilo Kitchenware, J.P. Sá Couto, Joalpe, Mota-Engil, Novartis, Optimus/Nos, Portgás, Porto Editora, Spal, Studio Andrew Howard, Teixeira Duarte, Vodafone or Wook.

He started his activity in 1994, and from 1996 to 2001 he was General Design Coordinator of Porto Editora Multimédia, forming a widely awarded team.

Current positions

  • Professor Auxiliar UBI
  • Professor Auxiliar convidado FBAUP

PhD Details

Research Groups


International conferences
  • Costa, N., Branco, V., Costa, R., Borges, A., Modesto, A., Silva, C., & Cunca, R. (2020). TOWARDS A DESIGN OBSERVATORY: THE CASE OF SCHOLARLY DESIGN RESEARCH IN PORTUGAL. Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference, 1, 827-836. Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/dsd.2020.327 Link
Other publications
  • Costa, N., Branco, V., Costa, R., Borges, A., Cunca, R., Modesto, A., Silva., A. (2020). Design doctorates undertaken in Portugal (Version 1) [Data set]. Zenodo. Link
  • Costa, N., Branco, V., Costa, R., Borges, A., Cunca, R., Silva, A.C., & Modesto, A. (2020). Towards a Design Observatory: crafting a distributed approach. In Research@UA (Vol. 10, p. 56). Link
  • 1. Borges, A., Silva, A.C., Modesto, A., Cunca, A.R., Costa, R. & Branco, V. (2018), REDE#01 Reunião de Escolas de Design. Aveiro, UA Editora.

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Technical work
  • Branco, V., Costa, N. & et al. (2019) Relatório de Progresso sobre o projecto DesignObs – Para um Observatório de Design em Portugal: Modelos, Instrumentos, Representação e Estratégias [PTDC/ART-DAQ/32445/2017]
Scientific events organization
  • COSTA, Rui (2019) – Organizer of REDE#02 – Reunião de Escolas de Design,IPCA, Barcelos, Portugal, 31 October 2019.