Ana Carla Silva Afonso

Ana Afonso is a Designer and Researcher graduated from the University of Aveiro. 

She was granted a PHD grant from FCT - Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology, to conduct her research in the field of Design, regarding the analysis of anonymous artifacts and anonymous design development processes. She finished her PHD in 2019 at the University of Aveiro and the Research Institute for Design Media and Culture (ID+), 

Currently she is a Manager for Science and Technology at the University of Aveiro, developing work in international projects in areas such as Education for Circular Economy or Social Innovation.

Current positions

  • Manager for Science and Technology Universidade de Aveiro

PhD Details

  • Field Design
  • Year 2019

Research Groups


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Book chapters
  • Franqueira, T., Gomes, G., Sousa, A., Afonso, A., Pereira, C., Ribeiro, M. (2019). DesignThinking and Design for Social Innovation in Strategy for Change Handbook. Anderson, M; Cawood, R.; Sousa, A.; Franqueira, T.; Gomes, G.; Afonso, A.; Pereira, C.; et all (Editors) – Strategy for Change Handbook. Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow. PP 28-51 ISBN 978-190-586-692-2
International conferences
  • AFONSO, A. e RODA, R. (2016) Um modelo de valorização do processo criativo sobre os artefactos anónimos, IN SOUSA, A., PROVIDÊNCIA, F., e PEREIRA, C. (eds.) Ergotrip Design – coletânea de textos selecionados pela Comissão Científica dos Encontros Internacionais de Estudos Luso- Brasileiros em Design e Ergonomia. Aveiro, Portugal: Universidade de Aveiro. ISBN 978-972-789-485-7
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