Filipe Cunha Monteiro Lopes

Filipe Lopes (PhD) is Adjunct Professor at the School of Media Arts and Design (Porto Polytechnic Institute) and a researcher at the Research Center in Music Psychology and Music Education (CIPEM) of the Institute of Ethnomusicology Center for Music and Dance Studies (INET-md), as well as at IMAD (research group of ESMAD).He is also a composer and performer with strong affinities with music composition, electroacoustic music and digital interactive systems. He creates music for multimedia installation, cinema and theater and currently, in addition to several creative and pedagogical works that combines music education and digital technologies. He taught at several Portuguese institutions and recently he is focused on studying the relationship between music, culture and nature and, on the other hand, focused on creating new electroacoustic music instruments.

Current positions

  • Adjunct Professor P.PORTO, ESMAD

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