Gaëlle Pillault

Gaëlle is a designer and PhD student in Design at the University of Aveiro and the University of Aalborg. Her professional and academic background is diverse, covering various disciplines of design, including communication design, which she studied in Montreal, Canada, as well as product design and spatial design. Currently, her work lies at the intersection of design and architecture, with a particular interest in micro-architecture. Her research focuses on the relationship between individuals and the built environment, specifically how the built environment and designed space influence our lived experience. The conceptual framework of her research draws on notions such as embodied cognition, enaction and affordance, and explores how the environment shapes our perceptions, interactions, and emotions. As a PhD candidate, she is currently funded by the FCT (The Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal) as part of a doctoral program within the ECIU network, which is recognized as Europe's first university.

Current positions

  • Doctoral scholarship University of Aveiro | University of Aalborg