Gisela Rodrigues Tavares Pinheiro

I am a product designer, with 5 years of experience in two companies in the area of technical and decorative lighting, where I had the opportunity to assimilate practical knowledge in a productive context and recognize value deficits in innovation and development.
I have a master's degree in design, with a post-graduation in Product and Service Innovation, a multidisciplinary and international experience that shares a strict relationship between Porto Design Factory (PT), Swinburne University (AUS) and Stanford University (USA).
This academic experience made me recognize the dynamism of Design Thinking and the sinuosity of the management of a multidisciplinary team. The academy taught me that this is a discipline endowed with an abductive and divergent thought, cultural aggregator, mediator of multidisciplinary knowledge,
transversal and catalyst of innovative products with relevant socio-cultural and economic impact.
I am currently a PhD student in the field of Design, wanting to further my knowledge, namely in the search of meaning in the role of the Chief Design Officer (CDO), in the strategic view of a company.