Jacinta Helena Alves Lourenço Casimiro da Costa

She specialises in Design by the consortium of the Polytechnic Institutes of Bragança, Coimbra and Lisbon, has a Master's degree in Multimedia from the University of Aveiro and a degree in Product Design from the Matosinhos School of Art and Design. She is the coordinator and adjunct professor of the Arts Department at the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, teaching in the areas of Product and Graphic Design, Audiovisuals and Art Education. Her research interests centre on the projection of alternative future scenarios where design promotes innovation, inclusion and social development, and she is a member of various projects and research teams in these areas. In addition to publications in the areas of social innovation, sustainability, creativity development and art education, she regularly takes part in competitions and has won various scientific, academic and professional prizes and awards, both nationally and internationally. She is a member of organising and scientific committees, conferences, competition juries and nationally and internationally funded research projects in the above areas. He is currently a member of the Strategic Alliance for Regional Transition (STARS EU) in the Thematic Interest Groups (TIGs) Arts and Creative Industries (CIÊNCIA ID: D11B-A19D-97CF; ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8916-0585).

Current positions

  • Professor Adjunto IPB (Bragança)

Research Groups


International conferences
  • Botelho, S., Costa, J., Maia, P., et al. (2011). Design research applicability on portuguese industry — recipor s.a. company. DPPI11 – Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces. Politécnico de Milão, Itália.