Jelena Savic

PhD Details

  • Year 2013

Research Groups


Book chapters
  • Savic, J. (2015). “Grasping heritage of our own epoch: testing possible methodological approach in Porto, Portugal”, in: Koen Van Balen and Aziliz Vandesande (Eds.), Heritage Counts. Reflections on Cultural Heritage Theories and Practices. A series by the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, KU Leuven, vol. 2, Garant: Antwerp – Apeldoorn, pp. 133-142.
International journals
  • Savic, J. (2017). “Sense(s) of the city: Cultural mapping in Porto, Portugal”, City, Culture and Society Journal, Elsevier, ISSN: 1877-9166, special issue on cultural mapping (accepted; in print).
  • Savic, J. (2015). “In Search of an Appropriate Past: Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Banja Luka”, in: Katarzyna Jagodzinska and Jacek Purchla (Eds.), The Limits of Heritage, Heritage Forum of Central Europe Series, Vol. 2, Krakow: International Cultural Centre, pp. 257-275. 
  • Savic, J. (2015). “The Limits of Heritage: In Search for Monuments of Our Own Epoch”, in Livro de Atas UD14, Aveiro, pp. 136-141.
International conferences
  • Sarmento, P.; Júnior, N. G.; Tavares, P. (2018) “Brazilian advisory rating and criticism of objective classification: Adventure Time analysis based on violence rating criteria”. In CONFIA 2018 proceedings, International Conference on Illustration and Animation, Ed. IPCA, Portugal . July 2018 . ISBN: 978-989-99861-6-9
  • Savic, J. (2016). “Walking in the City: a heritage inquiry in the cultural landscape of contemporary Porto”, IASCC Conference 2016: Heritage in Transition, Syros, Greece, July 2016
Other publications
  • Savic, J. (2015). “A review of the CAMOC 2015 Anniversary Conference, Moscow.” CAMOC News 2015/04 (Nov. 2015), p. 28-29. 
  • Savic, J. (2015). “FAHR 021.3: Stimulating Urban Environments.” CAMOC News 2015/03 (August 2015), p. 20-21.
  • Savic, J. (2015). “Phonambient: When Cities Speak.” CAMOC News 2015/02 (April 2015), p. 10-11.
  • Savic, J. (2015). Dia das Jornadas Europeias de Património: Património Industrial e Técnico, Conference on the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2015, ISLA, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal: invited speaker – a lecture “Discovering Porto’s Industrial Heritage”, September 2015.