Laís Guaraldo

Adjunct Professor with exclusivity at the Art Department of UFRN in the undergraduate courses in Visual Arts and Masters ProfArtes. Her field of research focuses on the field of language and visual expression - creation processes and pedagogical practices. Currently holds a post-doctoral training at the Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture [ID+], at the University of Aveiro. She has developed research on perception and travel journals of artists (graphic diaries) in the master's degree (PUCSP) and on the processes of creation of illustrators in the doctorate, in the program of Communication and Semiotics of PUCSP. In 2011, she developed a postdoctoral degree on the praxis of plastic and graphic expression in the department of communication and art at the University of Aveiro - ID+ (Portugal) - program of contemporary artistic creation and Design (Fapesp scholarship). She was a lecturer at PUCSP (2001 to 20014) in Communication and Multimedia, Journalism and Advertising, working in the area of ​​language and visual communication. She was a scientific editor of the magazine "Tessituras e Creação" and member of the Research Group on Process Criticism (PUCSP). She worked as a visual arts teacher in schools from 1988 to 2000. She worked as an independent video producer in the 1980s and developed experimental works. In 2000 she was a content consultant for the television series "The World of Art" (TV Senac) about Brazilian art. She was also a consultant in the art area of ​​the publications "Para Saber Mais" (April edition) and "Lição de Casa" (O Estado de São Paulo newspaper). She coordinated the PIBID of Visual Arts of UFRN (2015-2016 - CNPQ scholarship). She has developed production in graphic diaries since the 1980s.

Current positions

  • Professor Adjunto UFRN

PhD Details

  • Year 2007


International conferences
  • Providência, F., & Guaraldo, L. (2018). Processos de conceção museográfica para a criatividade. Revista Farol, 14(19A), 24–38. Link
  • Thomé, R., Providência, F., & Guaraldo, L. (2023). Recursos comunicativos da museografia e as mediações em museus. Em A. Pinho, A. Guerreiro, C. Monteiro, F. Pereira, M. Santana, O. Matni, R. Carvalhas, F. Providência, & V. Branco (Eds.), Livro de atas UD22: Metamorfose 8.o Encontro de Doutoramentos em Design (pp. 316–323). UA Editora – Universidade de Aveiro.