Luciana Lopes

Currently PhD candidate at Doctoral Program in Design at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (University of Aveiro, UPTEC and ID+), researcher at ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture and collaborator at Institute of Sociology of University of Porto (with research funded by Foundation for Science and Technology - FCT).

BA in International Business Administration (Oxford Brookes University, UK), MA in Design (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Post-graduated in Project Management (Institute of Technological Education, Brazil).

Experience as researcher, consultant, facilitator and project lead implementing projects which encourage social responsibility, leaders and team development and transformation, community relations, socioeconomic transformation, environmental protection, cultural sustainability, as well as education, participatory citizenship and human rights promotion. Also, ran projects related to social design, social entrepreneurship, social impact business, youth entrepreneurship and employability, likewise solidarity economy, social ecology, fair trade & responsible consumerism, moreover creative, collaborative, organic & circular knowledge, communities and economies, encouraging public policies implementation. Carried out projects related to social pedagogy with emphasis on social management, in addition to associative and fraternal economy.

Founder of SOMOS Process - Education for Transformative Social Innovation Projects ( Nuwa Project ( and Nuwa Project Lab (

Interested in facilitating projects, processes, approaches and education in design & management with basis on organic and circular knowledge and multidimensional/holistic design project management. Evidence in the decolonisation of design, methodologies and knowledge, as well as in learning from the wisdom and knowledge of the Souths. Attracted to alliances between design, management and other practices such as social, natural, biological and ecological sciences, also in the connection between design, management and contemporary spirituality. Focus on organic, circular, creative & collaborative knowledge, communities and economies; transformative social innovation; transformative social design; transformative projects, processes and approaches; personal and collective development and transformation; interculturalities; multiculturalities; diversity; pluriverse; relationality; territoriality, localisation; degrowth; participatory citizenship; local development; codesign; participatory design; transition design; and promotion of public policies for transitions.



Current positions

  • PhD Student in Design Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
  • Researcher ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture
  • Collaborator Institute of Sociology, University of Porto

Research Groups


International journals
  • Lopes, L., Franqueira, T., Alvelos, H. & Parente, C. (2021). Components of spirituality to safeguard life: to the development of an integral design management approach. Discern: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2 (2), 7-21. Link
Other publications
  • MENEZES, C., & LOPES, L. (Realizadores). (2021-2022). Da semente à toalha. Documentário publicado no youtube. (H. Cavalcante, Ed.).–jg Link
  • Resende, Lopes de. L. (2008). Responsabilidade social nas relações entre designers e artesãos um caminho sustentável? (Dissertação de Mestado). Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Recuperado de Link
  • Lopes, L. (2021). Senhoras Agricultoras do Linho. 41-46. In: Alvelos, H., Kosztyla, A., Fernandes, A., Rebelo, A. M., Casteião, A., Mergener, D., Palmares, H., Lopes, L., Brasil, M., Fragoso, P. & Brandão, R. (2021). Tiger in Zoom Cages. Tiger Vol. 4. Porto, Portugal. Link

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Alvelos, H., Kosztyla, A., Fernandes, A., Rebelo, A. M., Casteião, A., Mergener, D., Palmares, H., Lopes, L., Brasil, M., Fragoso, P. & Brandão, R. – Organizing Committee (2021). Doctoral Side Effects – Let’s talk about doing a PhD during a pandemic. 21st May 2021.
Other scientific activity spreading actions
  • Lopes, L., Franqueira, T., Alvelos, H. & Parente, C. (28 a 30 Outubro 2021). Gestão de Design Integral: contributos para um olhar ontológico para a vida. Poster apresentado no Ciência 2021 – Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal. Lisboa, Portugal.