Marcela Rosa Brasil

Designer, publicist and researcher. Marcela has a degree in Advertising (UnP, 2012), Design (UFRN, 2014), a B.A. (Hons) in Product Design (University of Derby, 2013) from an exchange program in England and a Master in Production Engineering (UFRN, 2018). Experienced in marketing strategies and branding, recently has changed focus to the social impact of design and her research interests concerns interculturality, empathy and social design.

Research Groups


International conferences
  • Brasil, Marcela, and Heitor Alvelos (2021). Scientific research as a challenge for Communication Design students: Experimental workshop to encourage communication design students to collaborate in scientific research and create synergies in the university context. In IASDR 2021, 9th International Association of Societies of Design Research. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dezembro de 2021. Link

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Alvelos, H., Kosztyla, A., Fernandes, A., Rebelo, A. M., Casteião, A., Mergener, D., Palmares, H., Lopes, L., Brasil, M., Fragoso, P. & Brandão, R. – Organizing Committee (2021). Doctoral Side Effects – Let’s talk about doing a PhD during a pandemic. 21st May 2021.
Other scientific activity spreading actions
  • Brasil, Marcela Rosa, e Heitor Alvelos (2020) O Papel da Comunicação na Mitigação do Medo em Tempos de COVID-19. In XII Congreso Latina de Comunicación Social, Dezembro de 2020.