Paulo Alexandre Tomé Rosado Bago d'Uva

Current positions

  • Professor Auxiliar Convidado UA

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

International awards
  • Paredes “Art on Chairs” (2014) RegioStars Award [Smart Growth – SME Innovation] European Commission. ID+ team involved: [commissioners] Francisco Providência, Heitor Alvelos, Teresa Franqueira, Vasco Branco [technical team] Álvaro Sousa, Gonçalo Gomes, João Sampaio, Jorge Pereira, Paulo Bago D’Uva, Rui Costa. Promoted by the City Hall of Paredes – Furniture Route – 2010/2013. Financed- European Union; QREN; ON.2.
  • FERNANDES, Mara; D’UVA, Paulo; BARBOSA, Helena (2014) – Worldwide Academic Competition of the Foundation “Future Ideas” in Amsterdam, Netherlands in the theme “Innovation Thesis Competition” and on the Category “Transport” with the research entitled “Biomimicry as a concept for the development of a vossel for the Ria de Aveiro“ with the student Mara Cristina dos Santos Fernandes and with the Prof. Paulo Bago D’Uva.