European Digital Treasures (2020)

Management of centennial archives in the 21st century

The project, “European Digital Treasures: Management of centennial archives in the 21st century”, is integrated with the Creative Europe Program (2018-2021), in which DGLAB collaborates with European partners in a wide range of activities and actions. Among them: “New business model for European archives in the 21st century”. Within this scope, a multidisciplinary team of designers and investigators is working towards the following goals: 1) Prepare a market research on innovative products to be sold in the national archives; 2) Create five innovative merchandising products related to the archival documents selected; 3) Exchange of ideas, techniques, processes and samples of the first models of merchandising products during a week-long artistic residency that took take place in Madrid; 4) Production of 250 merchandising prototypes.

Research groups

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