Projeto Covid Porta Aberta SI IDT (2020-2021) – SI I&DT

HFDO – Hands Free Door Openers

The current situation determined by COVID-19 showed, in a short time, several vulnerabilities in the fulfillment of the simplest daily actions, forcing the adoption of new hygienic behaviours that have a direct impact on our way of life.

An easily spreading virus contaminates surfaces and objects handled by people, and the subsequent contact between hands and eyes, nose or mouth, presents itself as one of the main factors of contagion. Considering that this new context will become part of our future, it is necessary to develop and implement solutions that will mitigate or eliminate the different routes of contamination. Thus, there is an urgent need to rethink the way of interacting with the most-touched surfaces, where door handles in public places are themselves possible spreading agents of viruses and bacteria.


Development of a stainless steel device with universal characteristics that allows hands-free door opening and closing, adaptable to the "pull/push" rotation axis door, which are most often found in high-traffic buildings. It is also intended to incorporate a dynamic component to improve user interaction.

Activities to develop and expected results

The development of the device involves the interaction between the various partners in completing a set of design steps, which includes respect for safety standards in its use, design and mechanical strength that ensure a harmonious framework with the environment in which it will be inserted, and the ease of production. Once developed, the product will be submitted to functionality and usability tests to validate its use in high-density environments such as health centers, hospitals, commercial areas and schools.

This project promotes a consortium made up of 2 companies and 2 non-business entities from the national R&D system, namely SHAPETEK–Tecnologias de Maquinação, Lda; SANDREDY–Comércio de Artigos de Decoração, Lda;  CENTIMFE-Centro Tecnológico da Indústria de Moldes, Ferramentas Especiais e Plásticos and Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (ISEC e ESEC).

Start/end date Jun 2020 — Feb 2021

Research groups

Duration 9 months

Project code CENTRO-01-02B7-FEDER-059035

Lead researcher
Pedro Bandeira Maia