RODI – Implementation of production capacity for the production of high-end rims for bicycles (Mountain Bike and E-BIKE)

This project aims to develop and produce an innovative 'non-geared' rear (traction) cube 'gear' system, competitive at a functional, productive (process) and cost level – as a superior alternative to the current benchmark (DT Swiss, Shimano, etc.). In connection with this, a user-friendly tool will be developed based on Excel + VBA that allows the efforts to be obtained in the critical sections of the cube (in the different parts) quickly, using as input different cycling conditions (model development) and geometric chain of transmission, transmission types, gear ratios, position of the bearings in relation to the power chain. To obtain this product, it will be necessary, among others, to carry out research and development of (standardized) models, of different cycling conditions (enduro, downhill, bmx, cyclocross, road, track, mountain, etc.), on how to define efforts (inputs), for product development base (hubs). The model of a production system (machine or composite process), at a competitive price, will also be created to produce the cubes, including the DT Swiss 18/24/36/54 SL ratchet system. A catalog will also be produced on Cycling for Sustainable Development.

Lead researcher: António Manuel de Bastos Pereira/Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM) UA

Consortium: RODI, UA

Funding amount UA: 835.000,00€

Team: 10 researchers from the UA (Department of Mechanical Engineering, CICECO - Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory - with researchers from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering and Ceramics and the Department of Communication and Art)



Start/end date Jul 2022 — Dec 2025

Research groups

Lead institution

AM2R – Agenda Mobilizadora para a inovação empresarial do setor das Duas Rodas” [C644866475-00000012 – RODI] financiado pelo PRR - Programa de Recuperação e Resiliência, no âmbito do Next Generation EU

Funding amount € 835 000

Duration 35 months

Project code PRR C644866475-00000012 – RODI

  • Fátima Pombo
  • António Manuel de Bastos Pereira, Universidade de Aveiro (DEM)
  • , Consortium between RODI and UA
  • , Department of Mechanical Engineering (UA)
  • , CICECO - Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (UA))
  • , Departments of Chemistry (UA)
  • , Department of Physics (UA)
  • , Department of Materials Engineering and Ceramics (UA)
  • , Department of Communication and Art (UA)