Call for papers: until April 30, 2023 – DIGICOM 2023 – 7th International Conference on Design and Digital Communication – 9-11 November 2023, Teatro Gil Vicente and On-line, Barcelos, Portugal

DIGICOM 2023 – 7th International Conference on Design and Digital Communication
› 9-11 November 2023, Teatro Gil Vicente and On-line, Barcelos, Portugal
Call for papers: until April 30, 2023

› Proceedings book published by Springer Series in Design and Innovation (indexed on Scopus, Springerlink and Google Scholar, and will also be submitted for Web of Science)

› Previous editions of the Proceedings book (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) have been indexed on Web of Science; and the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions (Springer edition) have been indexed in Scopus.

The DIGICOM organizing committee invites original contributions in the form of a full paper. This invitation is open to all researchers, academics, designers and students whose work falls within the field of Design and Digital Communication, namely:

  1. A) Practical applied projects:projects developed in a research, academic or commercial context, of a practical nature and with a potential social, cultural or economic relevance.
    B) Case Studies: description and analysis of projects or research problems in the most different contexts.
    C) Literature review:presentation of the state of the art from a certain research problem.
    D) Research work: doctoral or master’s research; and new approaches and research frameworks.

    Submissions will be accepted in the following topics:

    Web Design
    · Interface Design
    · UI Design
    · UX Design
    · Usability
    · Mobile apps
    · Editorial Design on digital media
    · Digital Typography
    · Digital Media
    · Multimedia Technologies
    · Social Media Platforms
    · Product Design

    · Design of Visual Identity
    · Branding
    · Communication and Strategy
    · Communication Design
    · Digital Marketing
    · Advertisement
    · Social Media
    · Market and Business

    · Video
    · Motion Graphics
    · Digital and Interactive Television
    · Infographics
    · Audiovisual Graphics
    · Sound Design and Communication
    · Media Arts

    · Theory and History of Design and Media
    · Information Society
    · Internet and Social Networks
    · Health and wellbeing
    · Education, Literacy and Citizenship
    · Culture, Countercultures and subcultures
    · Visual, Aesthetic and Semiotic Analysis

    Submitted Papers must:
    – have a maximum of 12 pages, including title, abstract, keywords, main paper body and images (bibliographical references are not included in the limit of pages);
    – follow the template guidelines;
    – be written in English.

    After a double blinded peer-review process, the accepted best ranked papers will be published in a Proceedings Book as part of the Springer Series in Design and Innovation, indexed on ScopusSpringerlink and Google Scholar, and submitted for Web of Science.

    The keynotes will take place in person at Teatro Gil Vicente (Barcelos, Portugal), with online broadcasting. The authors’ scientific papers will be presented in online sessions (via Zoom).

After the conference, the authors of a selection of the best papers will also be invited to write an original chapter for the book “Perspectives on Design and Digital Communication: Research, innovations and best practices”, to be also published in the Springer Series in Design and Innovation.

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