Facts and figures

ID+ is managed by its Board of Directors (one member per host management institution), assisted by the Scientific Board: PhD members resident in the country and a representative of PhD students.

The total number of researchers grew (from 114 to 189 and to current 251) and the number of integrated PhD members has grown (from 33 to 71 and to current 88) by either the attractiveness of ID+ research, or by the increasing involvement in the organization of MA/PhD programs.

In 2023 ID+ hosts 251 members, 88 of them are integrated (PhD holders).

indicadores produção comparação dos 2 períodos

Most doctorate members of ID+ were involved in two PhD programs and several MA programs. In 2017, three editions of each PhD program were taking place, integrating 23 students fully funded by FCT. In the period 2013/2017, the number of PhDs and MAs concluded with ID+ supervisors (56 PhD/387 MA) as well as the numerous supervisions (in early 2017 – 81 PhD /143 MA), reflect the capacity of ID+ team in this domain and the dimension of this activity in the overall functioning of ID+. For the period 2013/2017, research projects with participation of ID+ members (93 in total, 45 international) and scientific production indicators are above the initial estimates, as shown by the number of peer-reviewed publications (959): 137 in international journals, 17 in national journals, 233 books or chapters and the remaining 572 in international and national conferences.
Regarding design, cultural and artistic production indicators (675 reported items, including 23 national awards and 52 international awards) and the relevance of the projects show that ID+ is contributing in practice to a symbolic recalibration of Portuguese creativity and artefacts, becoming more visible internationally.
The indicators related to cultural and scientific dissemination activities (1443) include publications not peer-reviewed (372), the participation in the organisation of events (552) and other situations as presentations and lectures by invitation (519).