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International conferences
  • Fernandes, A.; Kosztyla, A.; Casteião, A.; Mergener, D.; Morais, E.; Alvelos, H.; Palmares, H. (2022). Doctoral Side Effects:Damage Limitation Versus Unexpected Benefits to PhD Research in aPandemic. The European Conference on Arts,Design & Education 2022 Official Conference Proceedings, Porto, Portugal.
  • Fernandes A., Kosztyła A., Casteião A., Mergener D., Morais E., Alvelos H., Palmares H., Martins I., Lopes L., Rosa M., Rebelo A., Zanini M., Lopes P., & Mourão S. (2022). Doctoral Side Effects: Damage Limitation Versus Unexpected Benefits to PhD Research in a Pandemic. The European Conference on Arts, Design & Education – ECADE 2022 Conference Proceedings, July 7th-10th 2022, Porto, Portugal. Link
Other publications
  • Fernandes, A.; Kosztyla, A.; Rebelo, A. M.; Casteião, A. ; Roberti C.; Menezes, C. S.; Mergener, D. (2021). Como aproveitar o seu tempo durante um doutoramento em uma pandemia!. In TIGER IN ZOOM CAGES – V.4, 29-31. Porto, Portugal: Universidade do Porto.

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Scientific events organization
  • Alvelos, H., Kosztyla, A., Fernandes, A., Rebelo, A. M., Casteião, A., Mergener, D., Palmares, H., Lopes, L., Brasil, M., Fragoso, P. & Brandão, R. – Organizing Committee (2021). Doctoral Side Effects – Let’s talk about doing a PhD during a pandemic. 21st May 2021. Porto, Portugal.