Ana Almeida Pinto

Ana Almeida Pinto is a multidisciplinary artist, with an emphasis on Sculpture and Photography. A Master in
Sculpture (FBAUP), currently finishing her PhD, Pinto's artistic practice deals with concepts of obsolescence,
memory, resistance and popular revolt, assuming matter as a procedural and conceptual vehicle for form. The
artist collaborates with various public entities, developing projects in the visual arts and theatre fields for kids
and adults alike. Pinto also collaborates with various Theatre structures, creating and producing work in areas
such as scenography, props, machinery or puppet construction. With a prolific artistic production, including 5
public art sculptures located in diverse sites in the north of Portugal, the artist has been exhibiting her work
regularly since 2007.

Current positions

  • PhD Student FBAUP

PhD Details

  • Title Appropriation as a strategy for an act of sharing in sculptural processes
  • Field Art (Sculpture)
  • Year 2024

Research Groups