Horácio António Barbosa Tomé Marques

Horácio Tomé-Marques holds a PhD in Digital Media, specialization in Audiovisual and Interactive Content Creation, by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Doctoral Program in Digital Media (PDMD), University of Porto, Nova University of Lisbon and Portugal | UT Austin, Texas. » He also has a degree in Communication Design/Graphic Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. » He his Adjunct Professor at Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design (ESMAD), Politécnico do Porto, Director do Multimedia Department, Director of the Media Arts and Design Research Center (uniMAD), and Member of ESMAD's Technical-Scientific Council. » Horácio began his professional career as a graphic designer and illustrator in advertising, marketing and communication design agencies in 1982, having carried out projects for recognized national clients. He has been doing research and art projects for more than 30 years in the fields of 3D and 2D digital image synthesis, multimedia technologies, interactivity, virtual and immersive environments. . Projects under his direction (art, design), and programming/ co-programming, include the very first Portuguese Parliament (Assembleia da República) / São Bento Palace 360º interactive virtual visit (2001, 2003). Current research interests include digital media and contemporary technologies, methods and processes with a focus on real-time and interactive multi media representations and narratives. Transdisciplinary research, incorporating neurosciences (brain potentials), neurotechnology (brain-computer interfaces) and art, addressing contextual and own visual and auditory perception and cognition, reactive and active brain processes, emotions and volition, biomechanical performance, ecological behavior, technologies and neuronal interfaces, neurofeedback and direct, instrumental use of brain potentials, ethics. »» Featured recent projects: Music, Reason and/or Emotion: Contributions to the real-time interactive representation of brain behaviors in the context of artistic practice via EEG/BCI, a [2020] PhD project under the supervision of Miguel Carvalhais, University of Porto, and Bruce Pennycook, under the UT Austin | Portugal program. » Neurobica: Neuro Enhancement Research on Brain Innovation Core Applications, 2016-2018, Neurobios - Institute of Neurosciences, R&D project, Norte 2020/ Portugal 2020, in Neurotechnology and Neurofeedback (system designer/architect, researcher). » Amplifying the inner, connecting selves [MuArts] [in] Glimpse of the Future [in] Research & Innovation - Shaping our Future Conference, July 2017, European Comission, Charlesmagne Building, Brussels, Belgium.» MTFLabs Performance+Body featuring Viktoria Modesta, MTF Berlin 2016, hacker/artist, equip sensors/technology and EEG processes. This project gave rise to the documentary Music Tech Fest Performance Lab Body Hack with Viktoria Modesta, by Sheila Hayman, MIT Media Lab - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tomé-Marques is an internationaly awarded researcher/artist.