Janaina Teles Barbosa

Experience as a researcher in the development of qualitative and applied research in the field of Participatory Design and Design for Social Innovation; Professional experience in the organization and management of cultural and social projects related to sustainable development of urban communities; Technical skills in Graphic Design in the development of visual identity (logos, typography, colour palettes, brand, cards, etc.), advertising (posters, banners, flyers, etc.) and publications (books, magazines and digital publishing).

Current positions

  • Researcher University of Aveiro

Research Groups


International conferences
  • Barbosa, J., Wiltse, H., & Mota, J. (2017). Power of Design Agency in Building and Sustaining Collaboration: Two Cases in São Paulo. In Proceedings of Nordes 2017, Design+Power (Vol. 7, pp. 1–9). Oslo, N: Nordic Design Research. Retrieved from https://archive.nordes.org/index.php/n13/article/view/549 Link
  • Barbosa, J., Reimer, M. & Mota, J. (2016). Designing participation for commoning in temporary spaces: A case study in Aveiro, Portugal. In Proceedings of DRS2016, Design+Research+Society (pp. 1–17). Brighton, UK: DRS Design Research Society. Retrieved from http://www.drs2016.org/393/ Link
  • Barbosa, J., & Roda, R. (2015). Ephemeral public spaces in the reinvention of affection: Three urban experiences from Brazil. In P. Elmlund (Ed.), Proceedings of The Future of Places III, Public space in the new urban agenda. Stockholm, S: Sustasis Foundation. Retrieved from http://www.sustasis.net/FOPIII-Academic-Papers.html Link
  • Barbosa, J., & Roda, R. (2015). Design Activism in new scenarios for emerging cities: Two projects in Brazil. In Proceedings of Nordes 2015, Design Ecologies (Vol. 6, pp. 1–6). Stockholm, S: Nordic Design Research. Retrieved from http://www.nordes.org/opj/index.php/n13/article/view/443 Link
  • Barbosa, J., & Roda, R. (2014). Strategic Design for urban performances: Empowering collaborative platforms for sustainable cities_Phd project. Poster in Proceedings of Spring Cumulus Conference. Aveiro, P: Cumulus / ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura.
National conferences
  • Barbosa, J., & Roda, R. (2014). Design Social e Performances Urbanas. Existe um espaço para a mediação? In Proceedings of UD14 (pp. 209–214). Aveiro, P: ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura.
Other publications
  • Barbosa, T. B. (2019). Designing commoning: a design research about the challenges of building sustainable collaborations for urban transitions (Doctoral thesis, Universidade de Aveiro). Retrieved from https://ria.ua.pt/handle/10773/27270 Link

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Co-organização do UD’14 1.º Encontro Ibérico de Doutoramentos em Design / 3.º Encontro Nacional de Doutoramentos em Design, com Eduardo Noronha, Marlene Ribeiro, Francisco Providência, Aurora Brochado, Cláudia Cunha, Eduardo Araújo, Jaime Sarró, Janaina Teles, Raquel Balsa, Regina Mourisca, Roberto Gerhardt, Tânia Sardinha | Reitoria da Universidade de Aveiro | 29 de novembro de 2014