José Maria Gonçalves da Silva Ribeiro

Graduated in Philosophy from the University of Porto (1976), graduated in Cine Video from the Superior Artistic School of Porto (1989), Master in Multimedia Educational Communication from the Universidade Aberta de Portugal (1993) and Ph.D. in Social Sciences - Anthropology from the University Open in Portugal (1998). He was a professor at the Open University of Portugal. He has experience in the field of Anthropology, with an emphasis on Visual Anthropology, working mainly on the following topics: visual anthropology, digital anthropology, cinema, research methods in anthropology, interculturality and Afro-Atlantic culture. He has carried out fieldwork in Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Argentina and Cuba. He coordinated the International Scientific Cooperation Network Images of Culture / Culture of Images. Visiting Professor at Mackenzie University (Education, Art and History of Culture), UECE, UCDJB, University of Murcia - Spain (ERASMUS) and University of Savoie - France, University of S. Paulo. He coordinated the Laboratory Research Group of Visual Anthropology / Media and Cultural Mediations-CEMRI: Universidade Aberta. He was a visiting professor at UFG - Faculty of Visual Arts: postgraduate in Art and Visual Culture, between 2016 - 2019. He currently coordinates the Cinema and Digital Narratives group at AO NORTE and CINEMAS ID+ organizing the Summer Course integrated at MDOC - Festival International Documentary of Melgaço. He participates in the Ibero-American Network of Visual Anthropology and in the Red Cultura Visual Abya Yala.

PhD Details

  • Title Cola S. Jon. Imagens, palavras ditas e a escriat de um porcesso social e ritual
  • Field Anthropology
  • Year 1998


  • Ribeiro, J., Viana, C. E., Monteiro, L. P., Maciel, D. (2019). Viana Film Meetings: 6th Viana International Cinema Conference 2017. Viana do Castelo, Portugal: AO NORTE. Link
  • Maciel, D., Nogueira, P., Ribeiro, J., Viana, C. E. (2020). Viana Film Meetings: 7th Viana International Cinema Conference 2018. Viana do Castelo: AO NORTE. Link

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Viana International Cinema Conference 2020