Luís Miguel Barbosa da Costa Leite

Luís Leite (Grifu) was born in Porto and is interested in creative practices involving technology and interactive media, stimulating the discovery of their potential in artistic and scientific contexts. His research focuses primarily on performance animation, relating the art of puppetry to real-time digital animation, and exploring the gesturality of the body as an interface for expression and manipulation. He holds a PhD in Digital Media and a Master's in Multimedia. He is the Director of the Master's in Interactive Digital Media (ESMAD). Founder of Intermediartes (Media Arts and Interaction Cycle) and MAD Gamejam, he frequently collaborates with artists and theater companies. He was one of the founders of Animago Studios and has collaborated with production companies such as Miragem in producing films and television series. In addition to performing animation, his areas of interest are interactive media and creative programming. For more information please visit:, videos at Vimeo:, and research project at

Current positions

  • Coordinator Professor P.PORTO, ESMAD

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