Pedro Manuel Reis Amado

Current positions

  • Assistant Professor FBAUP

PhD Details

  • Year 2014


  • Amado, P., Silva, A. C., & Quelhas, V. (Eds.) (2022). Post-Digital Letterpress Printing: Research, Education and Practice. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN: 9781032001807 Link
  • Silva, A., Amado, P., & Quelhas, V. (Eds.) (2020). Post-Digital Letterpress Printing Book of Abstracts. Porto: i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts. ISBN: 978-989-54703-0-3. Link
Book chapters
  • Penedos-Santiago, E., Barreto, S., Lima, C., Santos, R., Martins, N., Amado, P. (2023). Sci-Stories in Design: Guidelines for Curricular Inscription and Dissemination Through Visual Narratives. In: Martins, N., Brandão, D., Paiva, F. (eds) Perspectives on Design and Digital Communication III. Springer Series in Design and Innovation, vol 24. Springer, Cham. Link
Other publications
  • Santos, R.; Penedos-Santiago, E.; Lima, C.; Alvelos, H.; Barreto, S.; Martins; N.; Amado, P. (2020). Pedagogical Practices for the Appropriation and Activation of Transgenerational Knowledge in Art and Design. In ACAH2020 11th Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities. IAFOR The International Academic Forum.

Scientific, artistic and cultural production

Scientific events organization
  • Santos, R., Machado, G. & Amado, P. (2023). 6º Seminário Modos de Editar: in situ – ex situ [6th Seminar ways of publishing: in situ – ex situ]. Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto. Porto
Other scientific activity spreading actions
  • Barreto, Susana, Heitor Alvelos, Pedro Amado, and Eliana Penedos-Santiago (2021). Generative Models from the Past: Portuguese Women Designers. In CNaPPES.21, Congresso Nacional de Práticas Pedagógicas no Ensino Superior, Universidade de Aveiro, Julho de 2021.