Wisdom Transfer

Towards the scientific inscription of individual legacies in contexts of retirement from art and design higher education and research


Wisdom Transfer aims at establishing the groundwork for an acknowledgment, communication and activation of contributions to culture and society from knowledge and experience by retired art and design [AD] academics. It is argued that the legitimisation of empirical experience in AD research will contribute to the scope and depth of the discipline, and inform multi-disciplinarity. The scientific heritage of AD may have preceded the actual discipline through a first generation of researchers that led a transition from practice to academia.

Yet this heritage has been off-radar due to a lack of a framework beyond curricular and scientific demands. This wealth of knowledge and experience will be irredeemably lost if not legitimised and activated in the present. The project will involve: Aggregation of individual knowledge and experience Test-beds of contributive scientific and socio-cultural scenarios Best Practice templates A multi-disciplinary communication of "retirement wisdom".

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Funding amount € 145 606

Duration 24 months