Soraia Luísa Pereira Pinto Ala

Soraia Ala owns 9 years of professional experience as new product development project leader at Philips and Bosch..  Since 2004 she is dedicated to higher education, teaching different courses within a Product Design degree, namely in the areas product development process and control. Her master degree was  in the area of technology, science and innovation management,  her PhD degree was obtained with the Thesis “Technology commercialization models”, resulting from a research on the need to promote an efficient knowledge transfer process from Research and Development (R&D) organizations to other parties in order to create social and economic value.

Current positions

  • Professor Adjunto ESAN/UA

PhD Details


International conferences
  • Ala, S. & Vilarinho, P. (2014). “Knowledge Valorisation and the European Paradox: A Case Study”. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference on Applied Economics, Business and Development, Lisbon. Link
  • Gomes, A., Torcato, R., Ala, S., & Afreixo, V. (2012). “Learning environments and pedagogical model of an engineering design degree program”. Paper presented at the International Confererence on Engineering and Product Design Education City University, London.
  • Ala, S., Gomes, A., & Torcato, R. (2011). “Product Development Project Courses in an Engineering Design Degree Program”. In E&PDE 2011: Design Education for Creativity and Business Innovation (pp. 379–384). Link