Teresa Cristina de Sousa Azevedo Terroso

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Master in Biomedical Engineering, and graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering by FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto). In industry, worked at Infineon Technologies, Portugal, as an I&DT Intern, at CERN - Center Europeénne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, Geneva, Switzerland as Informatics Engineer and at ProjectBox, Portugal, as an I&DT Engineer for the Computer Vision department. She has been a public higher education teacher since 2008. She is currently an adjunct professor at ESMAD - Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design, P.PORTO. She belongs to the Informatics Department and is a member of ESMAD's Technical and Scientific Council, ESMAD's Pedagogical Council, and UNIMAD's scientific committee. She was a researcher at the LOME - Laboratory of Optics and Experimental Mechanics at FEUP and a Senior Investigator at INESC - TEC (Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering - Technology and Science) at the Telecommunications and Multimedia Center, focusing on the areas of image processing and computer vision research. Has several articles published in national and international magazines and a book published in the area of Computer Vision.

Current positions

  • Adjunct Professor P.PORTO, ESMAD

PhD Details

  • Title Levantamento da Forma 3D de Objectos Usando Visão Computacional: Aplicações na Reconstrução e Caracterização de Estruturas Anatómicas Exteriores
  • Field Engineering Sciences
  • Year 2012

Research Groups