Powered Textiles 21st Century

The PTXXI Project - Power Textiles 21, framed by the Portuguese Fashion Cluster supported a highly collective and complementary R&D activities program, with a strong pilot demonstration effect in several technological areas considered to be strategic, both for the textile and clothing value chain and for other industrial/business sector.

Having TMG Automotive as prime proposer and under the technical coordination of CITEVE, this 36 month project, which started in January 2011, is structured in 7 technical PPS's (Complementary Subprojects) plus a special work package devoted to project management. The project brought together 10 scientific and research organizations and 11 companies.

PPS6: Medical Devices - Bone Protection Solutions

The inversion of the demographic pyramid is a common phenomenon in most contemporary societies, characterized by increasing life expectancy and decreasing birth rates. Falls in the senior population is one of the main risk factors of disability, fractures, wounds, injuries, or even death. Several studies have shown that the consequences of falls in the senior population can be minimized through protection and faster response time in case of occurring injuries.


Development, as a case study, the hypothesis of a solution for a system of wearable products to reduce the impact force during a fall, by protecting critical areas and osteoarticular areas and an ambulatory monitoring system, wireless and non-invasive, for fall detection and its geographical location.


The solution proposed here aims to reduce the risk of bone or articular fractures and injuries when a fall occurs. It aims also to improve the active assistance, as it is capable of alerting caregivers if a fall occurs. In a more subjective and qualitative way, the project aims to contribute to the increasing levels of autonomy and quality of life of seniors, as well as foster a process of more active aging.
Technical Coordinator: Miguel Terroso -


Research groups

Duration 36 months